I literally could not have the sale without volunteers! 

Many of us have become good friends by spending time with each other at the sales.  

This sale is truly community effort!  

Come hang out with us! (and shop first!)

from the owner

Helper Info

  1. VOLUNTEER TO HELP US IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS AND GET TO THE GOOD STUFF FIRST!!  Split shifts with your husband, boyfriend, mother, father or teenage child! 

  2. SUPER HELPER - Super Helpers volunteer for 8 hours or volunteer for the Set-Up shift or Clean Up shift.  You get to shop Sunday at 12:30 pm in a calm, non-stressed atmosphere.  Usually about 7 people. 

  3. NEW!!!!!  4 HOUR HELPER- if you would like to shop before the consignor pre-sale, you may volunteer to work one 4-hour shift , and shop on Sunday at 1:30pm.   Split the time with your mother, husband or boyfriend! The helpers have fun together and we’ve become friends! Please consider joining our little family! 

  4. Sign up to work the 6  hour sorting shift on Sunday afternoon following the sale and shop with the 8-hour helpers.  Wear your comfy shoes!!

  5. Don’t have that much time?  Volunteer your husband, boyfriend or father! They are great at setting up and taking down racks. Shifts can also be shared with teenage children or mothers! 

  6. I could not do this sale without volunteer!  I rely on everyone to show up on time for their shift, ready to work.  In fairness to other helpers, a failure to show up for your shift will result in a $50 consignor check deduction.  

  7. All Helpers may bring one adult helper (a mother, husband, boyfriend or mother-in-law) with you to help you buy for YOUR family.  In addition, you may bring any of your own children you feel need to be present for selection and fitting. Please abide by this guideline in fairness to others.

  8. If you’d like to help in other ways, I’d love someone to put up yard signs or put out flyers at doctor’s offices, dentists, hair stylists, nail salons, health department, rec centers, or anywhere you can think of!  Or even bring supper for my girls and me--cooking supper is nearly impossible during HDD.  Call me and we’ll talk!

Check out the Dates and Times we need helpers HERE


Call, text, or email Jeanie  to reserve your shifts!