Helpful Hints

  1. The appearance of your items will help them sell.  Clothes sell better when they are clean, pressed, and have zippers and buttons closed. 

  2. Baby furniture, equipment, and toys should be clean and have all parts.  Any small pieces should be in a ziploc bag, taped shut, and securely attached to the main part with packing tape or ribbon. 

  3. All ziploc bags containing toys should be taped shut with clear packing tape so small hands can't reach in! 

  4. Toys which require batteries must include them.  A $1 per battery fee will be charged if batteries are needed.  

  5. Please limit stuffed animals to popular characters or beanie babies. 

  6. Wrap stuffed animals in cling wrap or put in a ziploc bag.  Dirty animals do not sell.  

  7. If you consign a car seat, call the Dept. of Transportation at 1-800-424-9393 to ensure it has not been recalled.  

  8. Identify jeans and unisex appearing clothes as "girl" or "boy" under the size.

  9. VHS must have covers!

  10. We try to make sure that as a shopper, you do not have to sift through items that are not in good condition.  Please help us maintain high standards by screening items before bringing them in.  I know the florescent lights are usually better than the lighting at home, so please don’t be offended or mad if we see a stain or spot.  Take it home, wash it and bring it back. 

Spray stain with a mixture of equal parts Wisk, ammonia, vinegar, and water.  Let set, then wash as usual.  If that doesn't work, soak for hours in a hot sink or washer of Biz and water.  The Clorox bleach pen can work wonders on white clothing!   If nothing works, put it in the yard sale, Goodwill pile, or take it to your school for the nurses office or guidance office to have extras on hand! 

Stain Fighting