How to Consign

  • You do not need to call and get a number.  Your consignor code is your initials plus the last 4 digits of your phone number.  (ex.  JG6811)

  • ​​Please allow at least 30 minutes at drop-off.  Expect a longer wait on Saturday.  

  • You must bring in your clothes organized by size and sex. 

  • There is a $10 publicity fee that will be automatically deducted from your check. 

  • All items will be screened for quality, stains, style, and seasonal appropriateness.  

  • Outdated clothing does not sell, and will not be accepted. So, please don’t waste your time tagging it! :)

  • Pick up your check and unsold items Monday following the sale from 3-6pm.  Unclaimed items will be donated to the Center for Family Development at 6:30 p.m. 

  • $1 charge to mail unclaimed checks.

  • All shoes will be sorted by size only at pick-up.  It will be your responsibility to locate your remaining shoes. 

  • You keep 70% of your sales. 

  • Consignors shop before the public!!  Volunteers get first pick! 


You must consign at least 15 things: any combination of the following: ​

  1. NEW!  Due to requests... we will now accept T-shirts for BOTH sales (except Junior Girls, there is just so much already!).  Hot-natured children (or super-warm school buildings) have created a need for t-shirts in the winter.  Collared short-sleeved shirts are OK, too! As well as shorts for older boys, about Size 10 and up! 

  2. Sizes infant to 16, Junior girl's (0-13)  and teen boys up to 34” waist

  3. Junior clothing MUST be name brand and have teen appeal! 

  4. Teen boy clothing up to a size Large or a 34" waist. Popular brands such as American Eagle, Ralph Lauren or Hollister ONLY. 

  5. Toys and games with all parts. 

  6. Shoes in REALLY good condition.  No worn out tennis shoes!

  7. Clean and working baby furniture and equipment 

  8. Maternity clothes 

  9. Videos with covers, books, computer games, outdoor toys, etc. 

  10. Limit 10 sleepers per consignor 

  11. No free hospital-issued diaper bags 

  12. No stuffed animals unless they are popular characters 

  13. Absolutely no "dated," out-of-style clothing!!!! It won’t sell. Save yourself the time and effort and just take it to Goodwill or another charity. 

  14. We can no longer accept cribs with drop-down sides. Its against the law. 

  15. Spring and summer clothing for sale in February; Fall and Winter clothing for sale in July (jeans and light           jackets are ok for both).